What is Flatty ?

Flatty is an easy to use web and iPhone app that makes life easier for building managers, residents and staff.
You can use it on any PC or Mac (through your browser) or on your iPhone or iPad, using our App.
(Android App coming soon)
It is so friendly and easy to use that you won't need any training sessions to workout how to use it.

Who is Flatty for ?

If you are Building Manager or Estate Agent, Flatty can help you by streamlining the most tedious tasks. You can send News, manage Jobs, allocate Parking spaces and manage other Bookings with ease.
Jobs can be assigned to your Staff or Contractors at the click of a button.
If you are a Resident, Flatty will help you get in touch with your building manager and you will be able to see the progress of any requests you make, without having to waste your time emailing or on the phone.

Flatty is Lean and Speedy

At Flatty, we keep things as simple as possible.
You won't be weighed down or confused by any bloated functionality that you don't need.

With Flatty you can:
- Manage Tasks/Jobs of any type
- Send out News to residents and staff
- Manage Parking Spaces - short or long term
- Manage Bookings of shared resources, such as BBQs

Flatty is simpler by design

We have designed Flatty to make your experience as fun and simple as possible.
Flatty offers really great functionality for an affordable monthly fee.
If you are frustrated with your current system or simply want to start with a clean modern service, we think you will love Flatty !

Why choose Flatty ?

- Cloud based - just use the browser on Windows, Mac or Tablet
- iPhone/iPad App
- Nothing to install
- No tied-in contract
- Simple and friendly to use
- No overload of bloated, unnecessary features
- Designed to help Managers, Employees and Residents alike
- Android App coming soon

Most of all, Flatty is evolving, so you get a say in which new features you want over the coming months and years.

Try Flatty FREE for a month !

No obligation, you can us all features, and employees onto Flatty and into the habit of using it

Early bird discount for limited period !

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